Becky Sue's Rub - 6 pack

Product image 1Becky Sue's Rub - 6 pack
Product image 2Becky Sue's Rub - 6 pack - JimJohnson
Product image 3Becky Sue's Rub - 6 pack - JimJohnson
Product image 4Becky Sue's Rub - 6 pack - JimJohnson

Regular price $60.00 Sale price $72.00

Get world-renowned Jim Johnson's favorite and signature lineup of rubs - the Becky Sue Rub lineup. 

Throwing this dry rub into your BBQ will make flavor pop out of your meat and have it crawling with juicy and mouth-watering goodness that all your friends and even your neighbors will want to come over for dinner anytime you are cooking with this rub on your grill.

Other creative uses for Becky Sue rub can be to throw some into popcorn for a unique spice taste, and various other uses. Get creative and start cooking with a professional mix of spices brought to you by Jim Johnson and Becky Sue.

With this bulk order, you will be getting 6 containers of our signature blend of spices.

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