JJ BBQ Gift Boxes


After winning over 78 BBQ Championships all over the world, I've learned a lot about what it takes to cook good BBQ. I love to share my knowledge and now that I'm not competing, I want to help you take your techniques to the next level or give you a place to start. I've curated these gift boxes to suit every level of BBQ skills that you may be buying for.

These boxes are perfect for someone that's a little harder to buy for and for corporate gifts. Each one contains my Signature Becky Sue Rub that goes great on everything, including your eggs in the morning, charcuterie in the afternoon and your ribs for dinner.

I've individualized these boxes by including some of my favorite Hammer Stahl knives that are produced with the highest quality German steel and come with Lifetime Warranties as well as other tools that you need to make sure your Backyard BBQ is better than your neighbors. Each box also contains some of my signature recipes to get your charcoal burning!

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